No-Cook Dinner

We busted our asses today to finish the walls of our renovation so that we can have our kitchen back as soon as possible. We should be able to clean everything up by tomorrow night and be back in business for pickling and otherwise preserving all the food that is currently just sitting on the dining room table. This is not to say that our project is done — ha! — but at least we'll be able to use the kitchen while we finish.

In the meantime, though: no cooking. To get any food at all requires peeling back a bunch of dropcloths and digging around to find things we moved to another room. It's not that fun.

Still, we managed a pretty great dinner anyway. It's simple but delicious, because it allows some fresh garden ingredients to shine without much preparation:

Our first cantaloupe was ready today (you can tell they are ripe because they slip from the vine without any resistance), so we picked up some proscuitto to wrap around it — salty-sweet perfection! We also had some caprese on slices of a baguette. That unbelievably red tomato is our first Rose tomato of the season — you have to eat this heirloom right away because they don't have much of a shelf life, but they are so, so flavorful. 

A fast but satisfying dinner, and one that is so easy to repeat for a lunch, especially on a hot day — no additional heat required!


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