Sunday Dinner: Roast Beef

Last night we had a pretty excellent Sunday supper. It was all delicious, but can you spot the star ingredient?

Our colorful wintertime plate included herbed mashed potatoes and gravy, a really tasty rosemary roast dressed with horseradish, roasted carrots and parsnips, and (drumroll) Brussels sprouts!

If you have been following this blog for some time, you know that growing Brussels sprouts has been an ongoing challenge for us. This year we finally had some worth harvesting, and last night we enjoyed them sautéed with just a touch of maple syrup. They were sweet and tender after spending a good month out in the cold, and I will give a full accounting of the successes and failures of the Brussels sprout crop later this week.

For dessert we opened up the spiced peaches that Jonas made back in the summer:

True to their name, they were very, very spicy. Luckily, these were very ripe and very sweet peaches that could stand up to the powerful amount of cinnamon we put in the jar. Still, I think Jonas was a bit disappointed that they bordered on Big Red chewing gum in the aftertaste, and I am hereby revising the recipe to lighten up on the spice.

For the record, I thought they were good, but I also understand that this is a case of being far too much of a good thing, especially for kids who still have enough undamaged taste buds to feel the burn of cinnamon.

All told, our last Sunday dinner of 2014 was a good one!


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