Trim the Fat Tuesday: The Hobbies, Part 2

This is it: the final Trim the Fat Tuesday budget cut! In looking over our budget this month, I realized that we could easily

Cut a little more out of our hobby budget for the coming year.

As I mentioned before, our hobbies include things like Kirk's entry fees for races and triathlons, some theatrical production fees, rink admission for skating, and other stuff like that. It also includes materials for costume building on Halloween:

The hobby budget does not include the garden. That's filed under groceries, since it's kind of more like a family farm than a hobby at this point.

Anyway, looking back over our budget and comparing it to our actual spending in 2014 revealed that our hobby barters and previous cuts have been so successful that we still have a surplus in this line item. To start banking that savings instead of letting it get frittered away, I'm going to officially cut $5 more from the hobby budget each month, since we're not missing it anyway.


By the way, this isn't quite the last Trim the Fat Tuesday post. Stay tuned for one last summary of all the numbers and maybe a moral of the story next week. 

Savings per month: $5

Total Savings for December: $1,728.50 (the month's savings plus the savings already in place from previous months!)

Total Savings in 2014: $11,065.50


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