Trim the Fat Tuesday: The Granola Bars

This one is short and sweet, and super-easy because it affects the children. Several months ago we decided to

Cut the granola bars out of the grocery budget.

Back in the spring, the kids were eating these glorified candy bars like they were going out of style. We were buying two boxes a week, and they would often be gone by Wednesday. They gobbled down a lot at baseball games, and after the season was over we put a stop to granola bars entirely.

At the height of granola insanity, we were even buying name-brand Chewy bars. These are two boxes for $5, so that was $5 per week, or $20 per month.

But … it's not like we stopped feeding the children. Though we're not buying these any more, they have been replaced by other snacks (fruit, whole grain crackers, homemade bread). To be more realistic, we probably only save half the money, because we still spend half on other, healthier foods for their lunch boxes. 

Still, $10 a month isn't too bad. Especially not for me, who ate maybe one granola bar a month anyway.

Savings per month: $10


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