Cat on a Cold, Snowy Roof

We're all a little stir-crazy here in snowy New England, even the cat:

That's Fletch, looking like he's ready to pounce on any intruders from his perch on the roof of our side porch. We're not quite sure if he used a snow bank to help in his climb or just leapt up from the fence, but the poor guy must be incredibly bored. The only places for him to go are through our few shoveled paths, and his neighborhood prowls are pretty much impossible with all the snow on the ground. Hunting hasn't been great, either (though he did leave us half a mouse a couple days ago, so that's something). 

I love how in this photo Fletch looks like he's working on his vicious bobcat impression. Kirk, who caught Fletch on the roof while feeding the chickens, said that he was actually just mid-yawn. Still, I wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley.

This looks like he's liking the drips off an icicle. I will never understand how or where that cat gets enough to drink, since he turns up his nose at his water dish regardless of how fresh it is. I guess if it's easy, it's not worthwhile?


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