If You Don't Like The Weather...

…just wait a minute. 

Or so the saying goes about the fickle New England weather.

Trouble is, I was enjoying the weather this afternoon, and didn't need a change, thank you very much. Tiegan and I took a walk after school and had a lovely time: balmy breezes, warm(ish) sunshine, pleasant conversation. About a block from home, though, it started to sprinkle.

By the time we got home, it was lightly raining. No big deal. 

I went to check the sap buckets, and they were overflowing thanks to the warm afternoon. I was getting a little wet while I transferred the sap to the big buckets, and since we had so much, I had to get another one to of the basement, wash it out, and dig some more holes in our snowbank/refrigeration system:

Just as I was sliding that last bucket into place, an icy gust of wind nearly knocked me over.

And then I was pelted in the face with a barrage of hail.


The temperature dropped like a stone: 20 degrees in just a couple hours, and it's still falling. The arctic blast also caught our cold frame:

So now we're out another window covering, since this one is all smashed. 

This all feels like a big step backwards, despite spring being just a couple days away. Harumph.


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