Kids' Corner: Homemade Lipsticks

Today, our pre-teen guest blogger will share how she made some homemade lipsticks this weekend. It's like a blockbuster Kids' Corner-Meets-Herbal Apothecary post--if crayons were made of herbs.

How to Make Custom Lipstick Colors with Crayons!
by Tiegan Trach

I just recently bought a lot of lipstick, and I realized that it dried out my lips and there weren't many colors to chose from. So I searched for a way to make my own lipstick. I came across a way to make lipstick out of crayons, and if there's anything I don't have to go and buy, it's crayons.

You need:
  • coconut oil
  • crayons
  • ruler
  • knife
  • measuring spoons
  • pot
  • glass bowl
  • water
  • containers to put your crayon/coconut oil mixture into (I used bottle caps)

First, you need to cut your crayons into 1 inch lengths and peel off the paper. I found that if you score a line in the crayon you can easily break it along that line. 

Next, set up a double-boiler by filling the pot with water and then putting the bowl in the pot. I was able to set the rim of the bowl on the rim of the pot, but if you have to put your bowl on the bottom of the pot that's okay. Then I put the double boiler over medium heat. 

If you want a sheer look to your lipstick, you will add 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil per inch of crayon. If you want an opaque look, you will add 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil per inch of crayon. Add the coconut oil and the crayon to the pot.

Then when the coconut oil and the crayon have melted, stir them together and pour into a container. When I used bottle caps, the milk and Dasani caps would hold 2 inches of crayon and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil for a sheer look, and Crystal Geyser and Poland Spring caps held 1 inch of crayon and 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil for a sheer look. When I made black and white I used 1/4 inch for an opaque look in Poland Spring caps, and I was able to use 2 inches of crayon and 1/2 inch coconut oil to fill the cap.

Top row: Mauvelous, Burnt Orange, Peach
Second row: Red Orange, Razzmatazz, Metallic Red 
Third row: Tickle Me Pink, Tumbleweed, Shocking Pink
Fourth row: Gold, Goldenrod, Purple Pizzazz
Bottom row: Scarlet, White, Black

In the photo below I am wearing Scarlet.

It's a little difficult to get the lighter pinks to pigment your lips, but it's still worth all the sticky coconut oil and the waiting and maybe burning your fingers. Because there's coconut oil in it, it doesn't dry out your lips, but you still get the color you would get from store bought lipsticks. It's also great for costumes that you might need an odd color of lipstick for. I would definitely make these again in other colors or larger amounts of the same colors.


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