Spaghetti Squash Is Everywhere

When we planned this year's garden back in the winter, spaghetti squash wasn’t technically even on the drawing. We had pumpkins and butternut squash as usual, but when we went to plant, we decided to use some of our spaghetti squash seeds instead of pumpkin — pumpkins don’t last as long in storage, and we really only use them for one meal each year.

The spring was so wet that most of our first round of seeds rotted in the ground. I couldn’t remember which half was butternut and which was spaghetti squash. When I replanted, I only had a few butternut seeds left, so the rest of the empty spots were spaghetti squash. 

Fast forward to today, and it’s all we have. Not a single butternut or pumpkin in sight:

These aren’t ripe yet — they’ll need to turn yellow in the sun, and right now they’re still pale green. This is just a small fraction of what we have going on. The vines have completely overtaken their bed:

You can see them spilling well into the gravel path. In spots they’ve jumped into the corn; I’ve also had to pull them off the bean house poles so the beans can have have a chance to climb. Once they’re ripe, it looks like we’ll be eating a lot of veggie noodles for the next six months or so!


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