Heirloom German Gold Tomatoes

Last spring we spent a week traveling across Pennsylvania, visiting some parts of Amish country. While we were there, we purchased several seed packets of heirloom fruits to try. But since we had already started our seeds for the year, they had to wait until the next growing season.

Fast forward to today, when we finally get to see what a German Gold tomato actually looks like:

These are enormous heirloom tomato from Germany. They are a gold variety with bright red streaks along the sides, making them very colorful (though we picked the first ones way too soon, not realizing that they would redden up). 

The flavor is really good — mild, juicy and well-balanced. And since they’re so big, they’re perfect for stuffing:

This one practically took up my whole salad plate and was filled with chicken salad. It was a perfectly filling meal! I’m also thinking these tomatoes could make a pretty salsa, too, but mostly we’ve just been slicing them for sandwiches and eating on the spot.


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