2014 Seed Inventory

O frabjous day! The seeds arrived today!

And not a moment too soon — we need to get those leeks and onions started this weekend. Here's the record of the varieties (all from Johnny's Selected Seeds, as you can see) that we'll be trying out this year:

Bell Peppers: Ace
Potatoes: Kennebec, Red Pontiac, French Fingerling, Russian Banana, Magic Molly
Okra: Clemson Spineless
Leeks: King Richard and Lancelot
Cabbage: Storage #4 and Red Express
Roma Tomatoes: Amish Paste and Paisano
Cherry Tomatoes: Sungold (from a plant)

Strawberries: Tribute, Honeoye, Seascape (from plants)
Beets: Detroit Red and Chioggia Guardsmark
Peas: Penelope
Carrots: Laguna, Cordoba and Napoli
Vine Tomatoes: Rose, Moskvich, Ukrainian Yellow
Pumpkin: New England Pie and Long Pie
Pole Beans: Cherokee Trail of Tears

Winter Squash: Butternut JWS6823
Brussels Sprouts: Catskill
Broccoli: Arcadia and Diplomat
Sweet Potato: Beauregard
Popcorn: Strawberry
Head Lettuce: Butterhead Adriana and Romaine Green Forest
Swiss Chard: Bright Lights
Zucchini: Dunja
Sweet Corn: Mystique
Eggplant: Galine
Nasturtium: Empress of India
Chamomile: Our Own
Jalapeño: El Jefe
Watermelon: Sweet Favorite
Cantaloupe: Sweet 'N' Early
Cucumbers: Northern Pickling and Marketmore

Turnips: Purple Top White Globe
Bok Choy
Celery: Tango
Parsley: Giant of Italy
Kale: Wild Garden Frilled and Dwarf Blue Curled
Spinach: Tyee and Raccoon
Mache: Vit
Green Beans: E-Z Pick, Burpee's Tenderpod, and Kitchen King
Basil: Italian Large Leaf
Dill: Our Own
Cilantro: Our Own
Mesclun: Allstar Gourmet Mix
Beet Greens: Early Wonder Tall Top
Arugula: Our Own
Snow Peas: Shiraz
Parsnips: Hollow Core
Garlic: Spanish Rosa, Early Italian, Late Italian
Onions: Pontiac and Ruby Ring


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