Meet Marigold!

Alas! Hydie, our last betta fish, died her fishy death the week before Christmas. She was buried at sea (which she reached via the City of Newburyport's direct line).

We can't be long without one, though, so meet our new addition:

This is Marigold, named, as they always are for a flower. Specifically, the type of marigold with reddish outer petals:

Tiegan thought her (ok, his) body looked like the orange center and the tail like the outer petals. Marigold looked significantly more orange in the store, but here at home she looks more pink. Perhaps we should have named her Apple Blossom instead. Oh, well.

Anyway, in just a couple weeks it will be time to start some seeds indoors for the spring planting, and aquarium water fertilizer is extremely useful for that. Thanks, Marigold!


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