Aerial View: January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Looks like Google decided to celebrate 2014 by finally taking a new satellite picture of our property. 

For years, we were stuck with a picture of the ugly old patio and stone-lined raised bed with overgrown trees and brush. And the world's nastiest thistles. Not that you can see the thistles from the moon or anything, but we know they were there.

This new and improved photo was clearly taken back in April, some time after we planted the potatoes last spring, but before we put pea trellises and potato boxes in place.

And I only know that because I use this blog to keep such good records. 

So if you're ever looking for Port Potager from outer space, this is what we look like. I bet we're the only garden that looks quite like this from way up high!


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