How To Drink Dandelion Wine, Part 4

Now that we've seen our third and second place cocktails, it's time to reveal the winer of the 2013 Iron Bartender Contest!


The winning drink managed to make our iffy, homemade dandelion wine taste splendid. Not too sweet, not too tart, it's a fruity masterpiece, and won our contest by the judges' nearly unanimous assent. Without further ado:

Ubarri Uberry Sangria

Presented by Chrisann and Carlos Ubarri

For the sangria base:

1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 cup blackberries
1/2 cup strawberries
1 lemon, thinly sliced
1 cup limoncello

For the drinks:

1 oz. sangria base
1 oz. limoncello
1 oz. dandelion wine (chilled)
1 oz. Prosecco (chilled)

1. Prepare the sangria base ahead of time by adding fruit to a pitcher. Then add enough limoncello to cover, approximately 1 cup. 

2. Chill the sangria base for at least three hours before serving.

3. To mix the drink, use the proportions of sangria base, limoncello, dandelion wine, and Prosecco listed above. Stir and garnish with "drunken" berries. 

Above are the tasting cups whipped up by our winning bartenders. You can also see the pitcher of sangria base, which was even prepared with a custom label for "Ubarri Uberry Sangria" — it's the complete package!

I'm going to presume to speak on behalf of our guests and say that we had a blast dreaming up, making, and sharing our concoctions. And these cocktails went so far beyond our expectations that I'm actually wishing we had a bigger reserve of dandelion wine! We do still have three or four half-bottles left, and these drink recipes will absolutely be made again to use it up. 

Hope you can enjoy them too, whether you find a very dry substitute for the dandelion wine (perhaps you have some moonshine you're trying to use up?), or if you go all in to make your own!


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