Chicken Run

Check it out! Kirk finished the run for the chicken coop yesterday morning:

Now every morning we can just go out an open the chicken door so the birdies can get some fresh air and scratch around in the dirt in their safe enclosure. This is easily done with the rope handle that runs from the chicken door to the outside of the coop, which you can see just to the right of the screen in the photo below:

The rope has a loop knotted into it to hold the door open during the day (you attach it to a hook to secure it). When we are home and out working or playing in the garden, we can open the big screen door to the run to let the chickens run out into the yard:

This run is in a nice, shady spot, and so far the chickens seem very happy with it. They are getting up and down their ramp with no trouble, and seem to know that when it starts to get dark, it's time to go inside — only Dolley gave us any trouble on this, but not much. She was just a little stubborn about taking the last steps off the ramp into the coop, but if I was spending such a gorgeous day enjoying my luxurious new back yard, I might be a little reluctant to head inside also!


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