The Children's Garden

To their delight, the kids' seeds have sprouted and are growing strong after all this rain:

Our original plan when we were working on this year's planting maps was to give the kids each a section of their own to grow whatever they liked. They politely declined; we filled up the garden with our own choices.

Well, then we were at the seed display at one of the local nurseries, and Tiegan decided she wanted to choose a seed packet. Turns out she suddenly remembered that we had promised her a plot of her own back in the winter.

After much agonizing, she chose strawberry popping corn. This is a variety of corn that is supposed to have small ear of red corn, which is meant to be popped. The ears should be small enough to put into a brown paper bag and pop in the microwave directly from the cob. That all sounds pretty exciting; so far they are growing quite well:

Well, once Tiegan's seeds came up, Jonas wanted to plant something too. He chose a pole bean, and they finally are coming up now that the sun is out:

Both kids are doing a good job watering their plants (which hasn't been necessary lately, but still) and keeping their plots weeded. If only we could transfer a little of that enthusiasm to the rest of the garden!


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