Spring Garden Salsa

For tacos tonight, we had a spring garden salsa:

It's really green because it's got a lot of cilantro and herbs but not much tomato. This marks the beginning of our "no more buying vegetables" challenge. Since the garden is in full swing now, we should be able to do our "shopping" by stepping right out the back door. And we'll start getting a return on this massive investment ... right?

We will still be buying fruit, though, thanks to our very young berry patch and our very horrible squirrels

So anyway, this salsa has cilantro, oregano, a green onion, radish, and garlic all from the garden. There's also lime and a bit of olive oil, plus some salt. Kirk was going to skip the tomato entirely, but he thought he put too much salt in, so used a little of our last store-bought tomato to add some extra body to soak up the extra salt. 

This was good! Not too spicy, but the garlic/lime/cilantro combo was nice and tangy. I think this is the first of several non-traditional salsas we'll be sampling this season.


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