The End of the Broccoli

It's a good thing we had at least one of our broccoli heads on some pizza the other night, because it's all gone now. We had a few heads left after the first attack of whatever is eating these plants, but now they have all been eaten.

This makes me doubt the wild turkey theory, because we were pretty sure they wouldn't bother to come back. Kirk is thinking groundhog, but I haven't seen any. But it doesn't seem likely that the turkey couple turned to each other and said, "Hey, remember that great dinner we had the other night? Let's head back there for seconds!"

On the other hand, birdies really like broccoli greens:

So on the (ever-so-slightly) brighter side, we have some free greens to feed the chickens now. Each day I'll pull a chewed-up broccoli stalk or two and hang it in the run for the girls. And boy, do they come a-runnin' for it! At least someone at our address is getting some broccoli this season. 

Oh, and speaking of chickens: the coop is totally, completely complete. Paint job done:

We went with kind of a putty green-gray (called “Zeus"). Eventually we will paint all the outbuildings this color (because as you can see, the workshop behind the coop seriously needs some paint). Then they'll look sharp, but will kind of disappear into the background a bit too. We liked that this was neutral, but with some green to give it more life than a plain, battleship gray would have. Also, this color works well with our Colonial Revival house style. We'll still paint the house yellow, but we'll have the varying styles of outbuildings unified in this more neutral color. 


  1. I like the color. It's about the same as the color I'm painting the walls in my kitchen.
    I don't like what's eating your broccoli.


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