Sunday Dinner

Despite our many animal-related setbacks this week, we ended on a high note with this excellent dinner:

Tiegan made the dinner rolls (and is excited to make more — almost as excited as we are to have an on-site baker!), and they are excellent. She also helped dig the new potatoes you see, which Kirk made with some butter and basil, and garnish of fresh peas. The steak was marinated with garden garlic and rosemary before grilling; and last but not least is the creamed spinach and mustard greens (Jonas' surprising favorite). We are making good on our no-buying-vegetables policy, and everything on this plate but the roll and steak are from the garden. It's all still pretty local, though, with the rolls baked at home from scratch, and the steak from cows that pasture a few miles down the road. 

A great ending to a great first week of summer vacation!


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