Rainy Weekend Odds and Ends

It started raining here Friday night, and it hasn't stopped yet. The weather radar shows the storm as already having moved out to sea, but it's still drizzling here in Newburyport. Back on Friday afternoon I quickly planted all the seeds on the schedule for this weekend to take advantage of the coming rain. In the ground and soaking are more corn and Brussels sprouts, plus new hills of cantaloupe and watermelon. I also had to replant almost all of our sunflowers and one of the borage plants — something pretty efficiently mowed the newly-emerged seedlings down. I didn't have time to cover them, but the first dry(ish) day we have, those things will get row covers to deter what I assume is the work of the chipmunks.

I have to admit, getting to watch movies with the kids and take a four-hour nap instead of going like gangbusters outside all weekend has been a nice change of pace. My back is mostly better now, but this rain delay has probably been good for my aching body!

Anyway, I was using some of my indoor time to sort through photos, and realized I had not posted these:

These are blueberry blossoms, so it looks like we may each get to eat one ceremonial blueberry later this summer. Not bad for a brand new planting.

Here is the one rose blossom that opened on our rosa mundi bush after transplanting. It smells great, and now we'll hopefully get to see what the hips on this plant look like. I suppose we can cut it into four pieces and sprinkle some sugar on it to give it a try. It will be a few years before these plants are very productive, but this one flower was pretty outstanding.


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