Aerial View: June 1, 2013

It's finally June, and we've gone from cold rain to hot sun. It definitely feels like summer here now, and the garden is starting to look like it, too. Spots that look bare have been recently sown with warm-weather plants like melons, beans, corn, and squash, and earlier plantings are filling in nicely.

The swingset quadrant.

The fancy new PVC pavilion in the center is our bean house—more on that later. You can also see that all but one of the posts for the grape trellis in the back is in place. 

The patio quadrant. 

The cold frame is for direct-sown okra, and the wood frame off to the left (mostly out of frame) is our chicken tractor, which is being used to keep critters out of our strawberries.

The driveway quadrant. 

All of those tan dots are cutworm collars, and hopefully mark a turn in the tide on this battlefront. Again, more on this in a future post.

The workshop quadrant. 

Here you can see more progress on the grape trellis, with two sections of bamboo supports in place. also of note are the potato boxes along the front, which have been raised to the next level, and will likely need another bump-up in height by next weekend.


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