Our Trendy Garden

I suppose it's trendy to have a garden and chickens at all, to be eating locally, and blah blah blah. But we're soooo (inadvertently) much cooler than just that. I present to you our ombre potato boxes:

Because ombre is everywhere. Fingernails, fabric, dubious hair dyeing, and even more dubious home decor. Oh, and apparently dessert.

Not to be outdone, here's a closer look at our accidentally awesome (if you care about that that sort of thing) potato boxes:

Our ombre effect is achieved with pine boards of varying ages. The very bottom two are taken from old fencing pieces (or maybe pallets? I don't even know any more, that's how old and multiply-repurposed they are). The piece second from the top is new pine, but was added to the box a few weeks ago. It has turned golden in the sun. The top piece is newest of all, and was just tacked onto the box. 

Over time these will all fade to the same old color, as I imagine the ombre trend in general will do. But for this one season, we are hipper than hip.

If this turns up at some outrageous price point at Williams Sonoma (check out their bullshit "agrarian" line for a good laugh), do let me know. I intend to sue for my cut and retire immediately.


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