The June Perennial Border

Tropical Storm Andrea dumped a ton of rain on us last Friday, which did a number on the perennial border. I expected this: Peonies are gorgeous, but they don't do well in the rain. In general, the white flower garden requires more fastidious deadheading, because white petals turn to brown in a blink. 

Knowing that the rains would clobber a lot of our spring blooms, I made sure to snap some photos before the rain. Early June is one of my favorite moments in this garden:

Here you can see that some giant white peonies are already flopping over. I have them in a hoop, but I don't think it's a tall enough one to handle the weight of these flowers. You can also see red climbing roses poking up above the peonies and small white geraniums. These need to be trellised, and should eventually fan up the side of the window.

On the corner of the border you can see another rose bush trying to climb without a trellis. When we build one, it will go up the corner of the house. Also in view are white Siberian irises in bloom, and some white Knock-Out roses in the distance. There are tiny Japanese daisies just starting to open up as well. 

This is that same corner from another angle. There is a smaller peony bush here as well, but I clipped all the flowers to bring inside before the rain came. 

This curve leads to the front door. Right now it's all white roses, but soon the daisies, daylilies, and white lavender will bloom here as well. Until then, the silvery lamb's ear and blue fescue add some subtle color interest.


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