Flower Friday: June 7, 2013

Lots of peonies this week! It's that time of year, but I also did a rescue operation on a bunch of them. They look great now, but it's supposed to dump a good 3-4 inches of rain here tomorrow afternoon, and that will pretty much destroy all those layers of petals.

There are also lots of dusty pinks and muted sunset tones, which shows more of the color scheme I was working in the cutting bed plants.

Poppies and globeflower "New Moon."

Same poppies and globeflower as above, but the bigger poppy has lost its petals. The pistil and stamen are so interesting with its purple pollen that I think it actually improves the arrangement.

Pink irises.

Siberian iris. 
(I swiped these are from the perennial border.)

Pink iris, strawberry foxglove, columbine, and globeflower. 
(This iris is the one that was still open a few days after I cut the original stem in the photo above. I am hoping the foxglove continues to open up the stem so the color "travels" a bit higher.)

Peony and hosta leaves. 

More peonies. 
(These blush-colored ones came with the house, and they smell so, so good. Not lemony like our others, but a sweet, musky, really beautiful scent that I can't really describe. I wish I knew the variety.)

Even more peonies, with leaves removed. 


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