No Buying Veggies Challenge Update

Yesterday I walked through the garden and realized that we have more to harvest now than just salad greens and rhubarb. Those things are great and all, but look what I found:

Chamomile flowers are ready be picked. These should last all summer long, and eventually I should have another nice, big jar of them to use for tea and some cosmetic purposes.

Our first few strawberries are just another sunny day away from being ready to eat. This one is a little pink on the bottom, and still a little too firm — but we're close to having fruit!

I am most excited of all that some of our peas are ready. The ones here in the photo are a couple days away from being ready to pick — the pods are are still flat on one end. I was able to pick a bowl full of fully ripe pea pods, though, which I shelled. They made a nice, surprise addition to dinner:

Kirk made a curry with Swiss chard, chicken, and the peas. There is also cilantro on top — another herb that's big enough to harvest now! All those fresh (and different!) veggies are so great to have back in our diets after a winter of missing them. Hooray!

Our no buying veggies challenge should be much easier from here on out. We're coming up on the end of Year One of the challenge at the end of this week, by the way. 

Keeping score? We're killing it. 

Our only failings were buying those French Onion crunchy things for green bean casserole at Thanksgiving and a tub of salsa a few weeks ago. That's pretty good, I'd say. We'll see if we can get that tweaked to a perfect record for Year Two.


Apparently we also bought a couple jars of roasted red peppers and a can of Rotel over the course of the last year as well. I'm sure our official grocery fact checker (Kirk) will alert me to any further errors in my accounting.


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