Picture Perfect Peas

The long, cool, rainy stretch we had this June was just right for the peas, and now they are ready to harvest. This week I picked the first round of pods:

The photo really isn't doing justice to the gorgeous green color that these are in real life. These beautiful, long pods are all "Penelope" peas that we got from Johnny's. They are plump and sweet, and just about every pod is perfectly filled:

We've never had such beautiful peas. The big pods contain big peas, and that goes a lot farther than harvests of smaller peas we've had in the past:

It's hard to tell in the picture, but this is a full serving bowl of peas — enough for probably eight people to have a big scoop at dinner. That's a lot, considering that it represents only a small portion of the pods still waiting to be picked (I was interrupted in my harvesting by lightning and will have to gather the rest another afternoon).

After blanching and freezing those peas for storage, it looks to be about a quart of peas so far. Looks like we should have plenty of these to get us through the winter!


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