Double the Eggs, Double the Fun!

Exciting discovery today! While someone (Sally, the chicken on the far right) still insists on laying eggs on the floor of the coop, today Kirk found a second egg in a nesting box!

The new egg is also brown, so it is most likely from Dolley, the chicken second from the right. The other two are araucana crosses, so they should lay blue or green eggs. Also, Dolley just looks like she was ready to start laying — we caught her squatting for no reason a lot lately, and she's just more rounded out now. And Dolley is the smartest chicken (in my opinion), so I'm not surprised that she would be the one who got the whole laying-eggs-in-the-box thing down right away. 

We've got a dozen eggs now! And with two birds laying, we should be able to eat them whenever we want without worrying about saving up for recipes from now on.


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