White Winter ... Potatoes

Temps have fallen, and comfort food is on the menu! Today Kirk dug up a plant's worth of potatoes and promptly mashed a bunch of them up for dinner:

These were red potatoes, as you can see if you look very closely at some bits of the skin that we like to leave on. We also had chicken (not from our garden, as Jonas was quick to point out!) and roasted rainbow carrots that I pulled today. 

This was a yummy fall dinner, but I had forgotten how monochromatic winter dinners are. Nothing but shades of white and tan (and the bit or red in that one carrot, but even those are also white and yellow).

These were the colors of our dessert, too:

This is an apple dumpling with some homemade vanilla bean ice cream and cider sauce. Click on the links to check out the recipes from America's Test Kitchen — this was soooooooo good. Looking forward to having our own apples and pears to keep making these in the future!


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