The Solution to Your Indian Restaurant Leftovers

Whenever we order Indian food, either in the restaurant or for takeout, we make sure that we have extra to eat the next day (and usually the day after that, as well). It makes for better leftovers than just about anything else you'd ever order in a restaurant. Sometimes, though, you have leftovers of the leftovers. Have you ever had half a container of just sauce left after you've eaten all the chicken or lamb or (my favorite to hear people order) vegetable balls?

Well, we're killing two birds of plenty with one stone here. A great way to use up extra okra and your leftover Indian sauce in just two easy steps:

1. Slice and sauté a bunch of okra. We used a combination of butter and peanut oil here, but whatever you've got will work.

2. Stir into takeout container of leftover sauce. 

Done. Going to have this over the last bit of leftover rice and call it a delicious lunch!


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