Our Veg Is Ready for a Closeup

Last Friday Kirk sent me a text to let me know that Jamie Oliver is working on a new cookbook and wanted to collect great pictures of garden vegetables from around the world to use in said cookbook. (Kirk knows this because he loves Jamie Oliver and follows him on Facebook. And YouTube.) So I sifted through our files and chose several photos to share. Maybe we'll get famous? Make a couple bucks? Meet Jamie Oliver? One of his editors has liked several of the photos I posted...

If nothing else comes of this, I finally got Instagram. You can follow the thousands of pictures posted to Jamie Oliver at #jamieveg. You can also follow our garden shots at #portpotager. Or you can just scroll down to see what I shared.

Late summer harvest.

An aerial view from atop the workshop, from the opposite direction of previous aerial view posts.


Bok choy.

One perfect radish.

Rainbow carrots.

Spring salad with nasturtium and borage blossoms.


Cherokee Trail of Tears beans (an heirloom variety).

Fall salad with true baby carrots.

The first five photos use an filter; the last five are originals — sometimes the colors just cannot be improved upon. In the end, I'm ambivalent about altering the photos. On one hand, they can look spectacular; on the other, it's somewhat dishonest. I think for the purposes of this blog, real color is important so we maintain a record of what our garden actually looked like in a given moment. Souped-up Instagram photos are another thing entirely — the glamour shots will stay on Instagram and (maybe) Facebook.


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