Homegrown Breakfast

Now that we have eggs, it's possible to have meals that are (almost) entirely homegrown, if one is so inclined. And this morning, I was. Here's what I gathered up for breakfast:

Ingredients here are green pepper, red onion, sun dried tomatoes, thyme, eggs, and a bit of goat cheese. (Full disclosure: the goat cheese, salt, and pepper are not from our garden. Although I could have made my omelet without them, I didn't want to. Once I remembered we had some goat cheese, I wanted to use it.)

Anyway, this is the first dish made with our first eggs, and they have nice, strong shells. I would say they are "medium” eggs, as opposed to large or extra-large. The yolks are about half the size of a large egg yolk, though. The rest of the volume is egg white, so my breakfast is probably a little more heart healthy than it otherwise would have been. The eggs should get up to size in the next couple weeks. 

I also added our smallest cantaloupe to my plate--we have about a half dozen on any given day, as they have ripened over the past couple weeks. Happy breakfast!


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