Flower Garden Long Shots

It has come to my attention that, although close-ups of flowers are pretty, it's sometimes hard to tell what our flower beds look like as a whole. So I went outside and took a few more photos to try to capture that. I'm not sure how successful I was--it's hard to show all the varying textures and tones of green from so far away. But at the very least, these should give you a sense of how it's all laid out.

The perennial border. To the left is the porch railing that is part of the front entrance to our house.

This is the corner of the border. It is just out of view in the photo above (on the right edge).

This part continues around that corner along the driveway and the four-season porch.

This is the same section of the border as shown in the previous photo, but taken from the opposite end at the top driveway. I was hoping to show a bit more detail by using the two different perspectives.

This is the far side (if your starting point is the three-season porch) of the cutting garden. It's not so much to look at right now, but from left to right we have sweet cicely, foxglove, valerian, delphinium, and columbine. The remaining beds will be for annuals and roses.

The center bed is for perennials. Right now we have brown-eyed susans, a couple varieties of coneflowers,  blanket flowers, and veronica. Several of these are still blooming.

Finally, the bed closest to the house has (from foreground to background) toad lily, hosta, and white and pink astilbe. All of those do well in the shade, and this section is shady in the afternoon. The rest of this stretch will be for spring bulbs and more annual.


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