Labor Day Flowers: Vegetable Garden Edition

It's easy to forget that the vegetable garden has lots of beautiful blossoms too! Here's what there is to see in the way of flowers out back:

The nasturtiums are doing really well. We have a mix of reds, oranges, and pinks, and they've gotten so big that they are all mixing together now:

The big, yellow flower in the back near the top of the photo is a zucchini blossom — probably one of the last we'll see this season.

Here are the blossoms of some of our annual herbs. In the foreground are blue borage flowers. In the middle are tiny, daisy-like chamomile (there are usually many more, but I just harvested another round to dry for tea just yesterday). In the background are the yellow, umbrella-shaped flowers of dill. This patch of dill I am allowing to go to seed so we can collect them. We'll use whatever we need for pickling and cooking over the winter, and we can use whatever is left over to plant our new crop next spring.

Finally, we have some of our perennial herbs flowering. The daisy-like flowers here are feverfew, and poking through them are the purplish-white spikes of our spearmint. I suppose a more on-the-ball herb farmer would have harvested all of these herbs to dry before they flowered, but I am willing to wait until we get closer to frost before cutting it back — especially since this was the first season for all of these perennial herbs in this location. I want them to store as much energy as they can without our interference. Next year, though, we can harvest at will.


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