Columbus Day Flowers

Happy Columbus Day! It's starting to feel like fall here for real, so the flowers have slowed down. Here's what's left: 

Our climbing roses are still at it, and when the squirrels don't shred them, they look great! 

These are the seedheads of our echinacea. I think they look kind of architectural and interesting for fall.

The perennial border is kind of in-between right now. There are some of the roses and a tiny bit of white phlox toward the back — and lots of green. We're just on the cusp of having more blooms for fall. The red daylilies on the far left are puffing out for a repeat showing, and the giant mums along the path to the right are almost ready to open. When they do, most of the brick path leading to the front door while be lined with pinkish-white daisies from October through December.

Finally, out back in the vegetable garden, the nasturtiums are still going strong. These colors look even better now than they did in the summer, and they are quite fragrant — a bonus, since not much else has scent this time of year.


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