The End of the Tomatoes

And just like that, they're gone:

To be fair, "just like that" actually took place over a week of rain and cool temps. It just felt like it was fast because the last time I was out the garden they were still green, and today they are dead. And it isn't pretty:

Gross. At least I don't feel bad about pulling these out and tossing them into the compost. We've had literally hundreds of pounds of tomatoes this year, and what's left is not worth crying about. Not super-psyched to pick up those mushy, moldy ones, though.

So here it is, the last basket of tomatoes of 2012:

As you can tell from their color, not all of these are even all that ripe, but I picked the unblemished ones anyway. They can ripen up in the sun on a windowsill in a few days. Maybe a week for some. 

On the Roma vines, we do have quite a few really nice, green tomatoes left:

With the vines on their way out and low temperatures way down into the 40s this week, these need to be harvested green. I see a green tomato pie in our future this weekend!


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