Halloween Flowers

Happy Halloween! I know I'm early, but I wanted to get a picture of our chrysanthemums before they are potentially crushed by Frankenstorm Sandy, or whatever they're calling it now. 

I know these don't look like those compact balls of flowers that we usually think of when we talk about fall mums. These are more like their giant, naturalized selves, obviously happy in their spot. 

The bumble bees love them. They don't smell like much, but they're the only game in town right now if you're a bee, so every bee in Newburyport makes its way over here, I think. We've had a really nice week of sunny, warm weather, and they've been covered in bees. Good thing the kids mostly use the back door.

As for Hurricane Sandy, the latest headlines are still full of hype, but this latest rain forecast from the Weather Channel doesn't seem so devastating:

1-3 inches I can totally live with. Still, I'm going to postpone planting my fall bulbs until next weekend to avoid having them get flooded and rot in the ground, and we have quite a few things to bring inside for the winter (our still unattached-to-the-gutter rain barrels, tomato cages, bales of straw, outdoor furniture, etc.). 

We are also hoping that the wind isn't too terrible for too long. We had to postpone having two ailing tree removed until after the storm, because the electric company is too busy to honor our date for taking down wires so the tree guys can get their crane in. I get that, but hopefully these trees will stand through this storm, because they are nerve-wrackingly close to the house. Will post updates as long as we have power!


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