Technicolor Dream Eggs

Another chicken is laying! That brings our total to three laying hens, each with a unique type of egg:

We have figured out that Dolley lays the dark brown eggs (and still refuses to do so in the nesting boxes, although she is now laying them in a corner underneath the boxes instead of in the middle of the coop). She was the first to start laying, and she lays just about every day. She sometimes has double yolks, too.

The light brown, slightly pink egg is from Sally, who was the second to start laying. She is also very consistent, and lays them right in the nesting box. Last Sunday Kirk and I caught her in the nesting box and watched her (through the window) lay an egg. She then knocked it on the floor of the coop while trying to push it deeper into the straw in the nesting box, and spent the next several minutes trying to figure out where it went. But she does always lay in the nesting box.

The green egg is (we're pretty sure) Martha's. I've seen her poking around the nesting boxes, so it seems like she was the next to be ready. Also, she has lost a lot of her skittishness recently, and we noticed that the other hens got more docile when they started to lay. She started laying just about a week ago, so her eggs aren't quite up to size. Her first egg was under the ramp out in the run, but the rest were in the nesting boxes. 

This is a much prettier dozen eggs than you get at the grocery store! I wonder what Abigail's eggs will look like?


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