Green Tomato Pie

One of the best things about this time of year? Green tomato pie: 

Our tomatoes bit the dust before frost this year (which is expected tomorrow night, by the way). When we pulled the vines, we saved a big bowl of unripe, green tomatoes. Lots of people make fried green tomatoes, or maybe use them for pickling — both tasty ideas. My favorite, though, is green tomato pie. 

Our recipe is from Martha Stewart — we came across it in a cookbook years ago when we were trying to find a recipe for fried green tomatoes. We gave it a try, and now it's a fall tradition for us. I can't find that recipe posted anywhere online, but this one is similar. It just needs some golden raisins added to round it out. They make a big difference by adding little sweet bites to the tart and nutmeggy tomatoes.

I know it doesn't sound like it would be good, but if you have a garden and tomatoes that aren't going to make it long enough to ripen indoors, give it a try. (And for my money, I think this is a better use of those tomatoes. When they ripen inside, they just aren't as good anyway.)


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