Watermelon Tally 2012

Over the weekend, we pulled and composted a lot of summer fruits and veggies that died back in the cooler weather and shorter days — standard operating procedure here for Columbus Day weekend. That included our watermelon vines. The vines were dead, and we brought in these remaining melons: 

They are yellow-side up to dry out before we put them on the porch for cool storage. We've had great luck this year with our watermelon lasting a long time. We had last for several weeks in the fridge, even after it had been cut open. We're not in a huge rush to finish these, then, but if it comes down to it, we figured we could also process and freeze for a sorbet and/or drink base to enjoy in the winter.

Anyway, these five watermelons, plus one in the house waiting to be eaten, plus two we gave away, plus one we served at Tiegan's birthday party equals a 2012 total of nine watermelons. If you count the one we harvested too early; that's 10 watermelons for the year. Not bad for our first shot at it!

Now we just have to eat it all.


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