Hurricane Snacks

No school today for me or for the kids thanks to Hurricane Sandy, so we settled into a Monopoly marathon (which I won) and some snacks. We (so far) have managed to keep our electricity, so we took advantage and had Tiegan's popcorn:

This is all we ended up with from Tiegan's corn planting, and it was picked early to save it from the squirrels — the rest of it was eaten. These kernel are small, but we thought we'd give it a try anyway. We put the cobs in a brown paper bag in the microwave to pop:

Tiny kernels, tiny popcorn. It mostly tasted good, except for the burnt pieces. I hate making popcorn in the microwave because it burns so easily, and then all you taste is the burnt. This popcorn would obviously have been better if it were up to size, but it was ok.

Tiegan said she wanted to give it another go next year and is hopeful that Fletch can keep away the worst of the squirrels. If we have popcorn in next year's harvest, I'll definitely take the time to remove the kernels from the cob so we can pop it over the stove instead of in the microwave. It was a little fun, though, to see it pop on the cob — like a hyacinth, according to Tiegan.


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