Lots of Leeks!

Our leeks have been ready to go for several weeks now:

We just haven't started picking them until recently. Since they will hold up through the winter as long as the soil doesn't freeze them in place, we were waiting to save them for as long into the winter as possible. We've still got a ton outside, but we've been pulling a few here and there. They are pretty much perfect:

So what to do with a leek? Well, it's pretty much like a giant green onion, but a little garlicky. And kind of milder. Here's a few dishes it ended up in:

This is apple sage chicken with green beans and leeky Swiss chard. This is super easy — just chop up the leeks, sauté them, and add the Swiss chard until it cooks down, just like you'd cook spinach.

This is green beans (again, we have a ton of them), this time with slices of bell pepper (we have lots of those, too!). Also in the mix are leeks and a few jalapeños. This started out as a way to use up some of our most plentiful veggies since we had to bring them all in during this past weekend's frost, but it turned out to be really delicious. Turns out sweet and spicy peppers go really well with green beans (who knew?), and the leeks tied all those flavors together. 

For us, abundance is the mother of invention.


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